Nehemiah 6

Nehemiah 6– Paraphrased.jpg

Nehemiah wrote, “The men who hated the fact that I was rebuilding the wall heard that we were almost done.  They knew all that was left was to hang the gates at each of the openings.  They tried to trick me into coming to a meeting outside the city where they would have killed me.  They accused me of leading a revolt and they tried to get me to hide in the temple.  But I prayed that God would strengthen me and help me to finish the work and with his help we completed the wall around Jerusalem in 52 days.  My enemies lost confidence because they realized that God has helped us finish his project in spite of all their efforts to stop us. – Nehemiah 6 paraphrased.

Dear heavenly Father,

I am amazed how you helped Nehemiah discern when his enemies were plotting his harm.  I am in awe that he finished the wall in 52 days.  I am encouraged that you will help me the same way in my life.  I need your help discerning a good idea from a bad one.  Sometimes I just can’t see what the devil is up to on my own.  Help me discern good from evil and give me the stamina to choose what is right. Strengthen my heart and hands to finish your work.   I look forward to celebrating the completion of tasks in your name.  I will live and work in hope that someday you will put your arm around my shoulder and reveal to me all that you have done to preserve my life and to make it a blessing.


Pastor Don Patterson

With God, there is no unfinished business, no incomplete life, no meaningless suffering.