Nehemiah 7

Nehemiah 7– Paraphrased.jpg

Nehemiah wrote, “After I finished the wall around Jerusalem, I restored the temple activities and the necessary leadership for prosperous city life.  I found leaders who were filled with faith and godly attitude. I counted all the people and cleaned up the public records.  I gathered offerings and contributions for the work of restoring the homes and streets in the city as well as the temple ministry.  It would not be long and I would get Ezra, the old priest, to read God’s word to all the people.” – Nehemiah 7 paraphrased.

Dear heavenly Father,

I understand that good leadership means that I will empower others to lead your people too.  I cannot do everything myself, but I can help others to do a part of the work that fits their skills and gifts.  Help me to find faith filled people with good attitudes to get your work done by my side.  Give me friends who will go and grow in the same direction that you are leading me. Make all your people willing to serve the whole community for the greater good of all.  Make your church a city like Nehemiah’s Jerusalem, led by godly people with a constant bent on restoration for your glory and the good of all people.


Pastor Don Patterson

Christ’ church lives in constant renewal as long as his Holy Spirit is allowed to take over the lives of the leaders.