A Reason for Hope began as a radio broadcast and website ministry in 2007.  Since then, it has grown into a resource for pastors and Christians who are looking for inspiring Biblical sermons with clear and engaging teaching.  Subscribers can receive a daily prayer from Don and will soon be able to have their own e-copy or hard copy daily prayer book.  We hope to provide more variety of Biblical education and encouragement in the near future. Click the banner at the bottom of the page to find us on Facebook and Twitter. 


Our Mission

A Reason for Hope exists to give every human being God’s real reason for hope, a relationship with his Son, Jesus Christ.  We use clear biblical teaching to unleash the hope of Christ from the Bible.  A Reason for Hope began in 2007 at the urging of Christians who felt that Don’s teaching was worthy of wider distribution. So many people had been encouraged by Don's teaching up to this point and it became evident that Christians from all walks of life could benefit from this fortification.  At A Reason for Hope, it is our prayer that you will find that the messages, prayers, and other blessings on this website useful in increasing your hope in God and his promises.  

Most often we use the word “hope” backwards. We use “hope” to express doubt about something we wish would happen. We say, “I hope” that happens.” Actually, biblical hope is a certainty of what has happened, that gives us peace about what is happening in our lives now and a confidence that goodness will happen as a result of God’s amazing love and guidance in our lives.
In Christ there is always a reason for hope!
— Don Patterson

What We've Achieved

  • Over 120 sermon downloads per month
  •  25,000 reached through Facebook

  • 250 sermons available

  • A daily prayer devotional book
  • Marriage seminars from Alaska to Sweden

  • 3000 reached at conferences and retreats