Galatians 3:15

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If you bite and devour each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other. - Galatians 3:15

Dear Jesus,

It is way too easy to fall into critical thinking and begin to have negative feelings about others based upon my my own independent survey of how I think they are doing.  It can even get to my lips if I am feeling particularly comfortable around someone who will listen.  I get what James is saying.  It's too easy to bite and devour one another with criticism.  Who am I to set myself up as the judge and jury of everyone else.  Help me to live with grace in my heart for everyone and to be quick to forget what I perceive as their weaknesses.  Give me a rich measure of discernment from your Holy Spirit that enables me to see things as they really are and still be encouraging to the people around me.


Pastor Don Patterson

When we encourage someone else, we both are changed for the better.