John 5:44

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How can you believe, who receive honor from one another, and do not seek the honor that comes from the only God? - John 5:44

Dear Jesus,

Your words strike fear in my heart because all my life I have wanted words of approval from people.  I have even foolishly measured my happiness based on how much approval I had lately received.  I would say that what attracts me the most is that people are visible and their praise seems as real as their skin.  It makes me feel valuable.  Their praise seems to give me worth and meaning.  But just as their words give me joy, they also trap me and give me sadness.  One word of criticism seems as heavy as 50 pounds of praise.  It crushes me.  I hear what you are saying in this verse that if I am addicted only to the praise and criticism of people I will never believe in you.  Your word about my life is the truth that never changes or falters.  You see me as I am faults and all, but you do not try to manipulate me with praise or cuts.  Instead, you simply reveal my need, then meet that need with redeeming grace.  You restore my soul with love that promises your help and deliverance.  You live with me by your Spirit and work with me as I am in order to take me to where you are.  You are forgiving yet strong to push me toward being better out of love and faith.   I believe in you because you are the God who made me and saved me.  Oh Jesus, help me to listen to your word over the chatter of human centered approval ratings.  


Pastor Don Patterson 

The measure of your worth will never have anything to do with how many "Likes" you receive from people.