Psalm 99:8

Psalm 99_8.jpg

Lord our God,
    you answered Moses, Aaron and Samuel when they prayed;  you were to Israel a forgiving God,
    though you punished their misdeeds. - Psalm 99:8

Dear Heavenly Father, 

Your word here gives me the two sides of respect.  First, you are holy and just and must punish sin.  Therefore you discipline each of us in our lives because we sin daily.  But you are also a forgiving God, who cast all our sins on your Son, so you will not destroy us forever.  Instead, you love, forgive, and listen to our prayers.  I respect you as my serious, loving Father.  And I am still bold to ask you for help today with my spiritual struggles, my job, my family, and my hopes and dreams.  I know you are serious about obedience but you also still love me deeply.  So, help me in every area and listen to my prayers because of your Son. 


Pastor Don Patterson

You won't get away with anything with God, nor will you get away from the grip of his love.