Matthew 5:4

Matthew 5-4.jpg

Blessed are those who mourn,
    for they will be comforted. – Matthew 5:4

Dear Jesus,

I live in a country where being sad even for good reasons is thought to be bad.  But then you say “blessed are those who mourn.”  I have felt that blessing many times.  You have walked me through the grief caused by death, regret caused by honesty, sadness caused by guilt.  And through all those feelings you have changed me for the good.  You have made me more real with purer motives and greater wisdom.  I don’t want to selfishly avoid pain.  I want to feel what you want me to feel.  I will join you at the cross rejecting the gall that deadens pain so I can learn the grace and power of your love.  You’ve taught me that I must lose false comforts so I can embrace that comfort that goes the deepest and lasts the longest.  Oh Jesus, thank you for the power to mourn and not be perplexed. 


Pastor Don Patterson

Wisdom is learning to embrace the pain that preempts healing.