You Choose Your Attitude

I went downtown with my connect group Saturday morning and we helped another connect group feed the hungry. We went down there thinking that we were going to do something to change their lives, but actually the people that I met that came to eat the breakfast, they changed my life.

One of them is named Ronny Scales. We were giving away backpacks and he was asking for one. We were trying to get one over to him and with a miscommunication we gave all of the backpacks away right before Ronny was able to get one. When we told him that we would find a way to get him another one that we had back home, down to Austin to give it to him he was very gracious and he trusted us. He said, “Well, maybe somebody else here needed it more than I did.” His gracious spirit of letting go and understanding and being kind to us really made me happy. Even though he’s in a homeless situation and doesn’t have something to carry his few things in because all of his stuff got stolen recently. That kind of character mixed into a very desperate situation isn't typical.

Today I delivered the backpack to The Arch, which is a very scary place, but Ronny was there with a big smile. He had told the people at the front, those people at that church don’t lie. I know that that guy is coming to bring me a backpack and I did. We hugged and he took my phone number and the church address and said he wants to come to a bible study.