Nehemiah 3

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Nehemiah wrote, “There were many men and women who helped rebuild the wall around Jerusalem.  Not everyone in each clan was mature enough to overcome fear and laziness to help.  But most of them worked faithfully on that portion of the wall close to their home.  I like telling others their names and how much work they did.  I did’nt rebuild the walls.  They did and they deserve credit for it.  God used a team and not a star to get his restoration done. – Nehemiah 3 – Paraphrased.

Dear heavenly Father,

Nehemiah wisely gave credit where credit was due.  Help me to remember to praise family and friends in front of others as they faithfully do their part to become a blessing to your church and society.  Help me to make room for them to share their skills, time and treasures to do big things together for you.  I do not believe that it diminishes your work on the cross for me to praise your saints for their good works.  Instead, it enhances it, because all true good works are an act of love and faith toward you. They spring from appreciation that your people has for you.  Give me the name of some person today that you want me to thank in your name.  Then help me to set aside the time to call, text or write them a thank you note. 


Pastor Don Patterson

Jesus acted alone to save us but since then he always acts through his entire team.