Nehemiah 4

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Nehemiah wrote, “While we were building the wall around Jerusalem, some local leaders of the people who had inhabited the land, opposed us.  They insulted us by saying we were too weak to the do the work and that stones were too burned and brittle to hold up.  So, I encouraged everyone that God was behind the project and forged on to complete the entire wall up to half its height.  Then our enemies threatened to attack and kill us.  I prayed to God and encouraged the people.  I had them carry their swords while they worked and half the men stood guard while the other half worked.  It was very frightening but the work on the wall continued to progress as God blessed us.” – Nehemiah chapter 4 paraphrased.

Dear Heavenly Father,

It is easy for me to get bewildered and disillusioned when I meet opposition and difficulty as I am trying to do something good for you. I want to give up and sink into doubt and depression.  But Nehemiah guides me how to react.  The better response is to pray to you and encourage the people working with me.  It is to continue to do what is right expecting blessing and protection.  I do not have to build any walls around a city for you.  But I am deeply involved in building up your kingdom and spreading your word.  Give me the resolution and faith of Nehemiah to stay hard at the task you have given me. And give me the wisdom to see out of myself to encourage others.  Thank you for your constant protection and promise to work out everything, even opposition, for the good of your cause.  I will trudge on with sword in one hand and a trowel in the other.   It helps knowing that heaven is my home. 


Pastor Don Patterson

God loves to first harden our resolve to do his work and then help us finish it.