Nehemiah 12

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Nehemiah wrote, “I gathered priests and Levites, doorkeepers and singers together and formed two great choirs to celebrate the completion of the wall around Jerusalem in a corporate, spiritual way.  The choirs started out together and then split into two groups, one going one direction and the other going the opposite direction.  They marched, blew trumpets and sang joyfully.  The old priest, Ezra, led one choir and I led the other one.  When we came back together we entered the temple in a great musical procession.  In all of this we glorified God for helping us finish the wall around his city.  Sacrifices were made to honor God and his grace on such an occasion.  Our singing and music could be heard far away outside of Jerusalem.  The days immediately following this event were marked by renewed tithes and offerings to support the priests as they served us the word and works of God. “ – Nehemiah 12 paraphrased.

Dear heavenly Father,

You love to help your people accomplish big projects for you, especially when those projects advance the teaching of your grace on the earth.  It was very appropriate for Nehemiah and Ezra to lead your people to celebrate what you had done with them.  Their hearts were full of your forgiveness and renewed zeal to make you the center of their lives.  Oh Lord, rise up today with your people and complete big projects for your grace to reach more people.  Help us renew our commitments from hearts filled with your love and truth.  Make us a people who get lost in celebrating what you have done in our lives.  Make us a people who love to praise you openly and joyfully when we gather each week.  Help us sing from our hearts to yours the wonderful thankfulness we have for all that you do for us.  Glorify your gracious name through your people.


Pastor Don Patterson

Full hearts sing in full volume when God’s people come together in heartfelt praise.