Nehemiah 11

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Nehemiah wrote, “The people’s commitment to serve God with one voice was so great that they even let God’s cause dictate where they lived.  All the leaders moved into Jerusalem to be supportive of the temple and its ministry to Israel.  One tenth of all the rest moved into Jerusalem for the same reason.  The city of God that was once vacant and drab became alive with families and bustled with activity.  Temple singers made sure that people could hear his music all day, every day for their encouragement.  Daily prayer and sacrifices were steadily performed.  The city flourished with God’s people as did the surrounding countryside where they settled close to his city.” – Nehemiah 11 paraphrased.

Dear heavenly Father,

You don’t have a temple city anymore.  You tell me to be intentional where I live to make sure that I bustle with activity for you as I serve neighbors and friends in tangible ways.  Help me to live intentionally on my street to be a witness of your love to those who dwell close by.  Make me cross the street and greet people, to invest in their lives and to support them when they are down.  Make me generous and kind and one who protects their property.  I want my home to be a place where your name is glorified and where people find your love and truth.  And give me a love for my church property so I make it a place that bustles with activity for you and the families that gather there.  Help my church family to make Sunday worship a wonderful faith building experience too. 


Pastor Don Patterson

God drives his people to live intentionally by faith in every arena of their lives.