Who is in YOUR corner?

Today, March 8 marks the 46th anniversary of what was called the fight of the 20th century.  Joe Frazier defended his heavy weight title against Muhammed Ali.  Maybe it was the fight of the century.  Joe Frazier won by decision after 15 grueling rounds.  But now both men have passed away.  They have met their maker.  The fight they had that night along with all of their other fights are irrelevant. 
Jesus’ fight for us will never be irrelevant.  It was the fight of eternity.  He won that fight for Joe Frazier and Muhammed Ali.  He won for us too.  Now, we can meet our maker with confidence and peace because Jesus entered the ring and won. #Jesusfights #temptation #jesusfightsthedevil #fightoffaith