Proverbs 28:9

Proverbs 28_9.png

If anyone turns a deaf ear to my instruction,
    even their prayers are detestable. - Proverbs 28:9

Dear Heavenly Father,

It's frightening for me to think that my prayers would be detestable to you.  But you are clear in showing me that you want me to listen to your instruction about good and evil, about love and truth, about faith and righteousness.  If I refuse to let you teach me and only try to get to know you on my own terms, you will detest even my prayers.  Who am I that I would act like you have no will of your own outside of mine?  Who am I that I would demand that you answer my questions before I listen to you?  You are the author of my life and the captain of my destiny.  I was made by you at my beginning and in the end I will have to answer to you for everything.  Teach me your ways.  Show me your will.  Guide me in your truth and forgive my haughty waywardness.  For Jesus sake, hear my prayers for your help and strength.  Whatever I face today, be there to help me see it through your eyes and experience it through your promises. 


Pastor Don Patterson 

One goes to a well for pure water and to the word for pure spiritual truth.