1 Timothy 6:1-2a

1 Timothy 6_1-2a.jpg

All who are under the yoke of slavery should consider their masters worthy of full respect, so that God’s name and our teaching may not be slandered. Those who have believing masters should not show them disrespect just because they are fellow believers. Instead, they should serve them even better because their masters are dear to them as fellow believers and are devoted to the welfare of their slaves. – 1 Timothy 6:1-2a

Dear Jesus,

Too often we view our employment as a contractual agreement between us and others without any spiritual ramifications.  That’s why we get discontent and snarky about our jobs.  Our jobs are a place you sent us to shine for you.  If you put someone over me, give me the humility and faith to follow your word here and honor their wishes in everything.  If I must disagree, help me to check my motives to see if I’m thinking out of selfishness.  Help me to plan my appeal so I speak clearly and with respect.  And give me the faith to follow my boss’s decision with joy no matter how he or she leads me. All this, because I know you are at my job with me as much as you are at home or church with me too. 


Pastor Don Patterson

God works as mightily through us at work as he does in the choir loft, so sing well in that choir too.