Colossians 4:18

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I, Paul, write this greeting in my own hand. Remember my chains.Grace be with you. - Colossians 4:18

Dear Jesus,

In Paul's letter to the Colossians in the last verse he says, "Remember my chains!" I think we sometimes forget how you sent your apostles through difficult circumstances and then strengthened them to serve us in spite of their travail. Our culture teaches us that we can use difficulty to escape service. Paul didn't want to be in chains and it certainly changed his life and made it hard, but he still served you and us with whatever strength he had. Help me Lord to stay constant in prayer, active in service and steady in my devotional life regardless of what trials you allow to come my way. I also pray for all the Christians I know who are experiencing a severe trial right now. I do remember their "chains" and I ask you to relive their suffering. But also, make them strong like Paul to serve you and others right from the storm.


Pastor Don Patterson

Difficulties don't stop us from serving, they season how we serve.