1 Peter 3:8

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Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble. – 1 Peter 3:8

Dear Jesus, 

You were kind and compassionate toward everyone you met.  You never once fell into a selfish thought.  You never once pulled back in disgust or froze someone out. You felt what they felt, saw what they saw, and met their needs while neglecting yourself.  You showed us what it means to live a godly life.  It’s a life that oozes love toward other people. I, on the other hand, struggle to love.  But by your grace I can see what it looks like, and I can strive for it as my highest goal.  But I need your help to be what you want me to be.  Fill me with your Holy Spirit today, so I see the needs of people and get excited about how I might be able to fill them.  Make me feel what they feel and give me the wherewithal to help them.  Then give me amnesia about what I did so I will stay humble and ready for the next opportunity.  


Pastor Don Patterson

Life is just plain more fun when you’re serving.