Psalm 118:8

It is better to take refuge in the Lord
    than to trust in humans. – Psalm 118:8

Dear Heavenly Father,

Just as you tell me in this word from Psalm 118, I realize that every single human being will let me down sooner or later.  And I will let everyone else down too.  Even still, I have been angry with people as if I expected them to be perfect for me.  I have even lashed out in anger instead of approaching them with mercy and grace.  Forgive me Lord, for putting trust in people over trust in you.  You made us all.  And you forgive us all for our many let downs.  You fixed your own anger with your mercy through your Son.  Now replace any anger I may have with that same mercy.  I know you have forgiven me through Jesus.  So, I will forgive myself first thing this morning.  Now, make me a vessel of mercy so all the people around me see your loving face and not the back side of your justice.  This will be a good day, because it will be drenched in grace.


Pastor Don Patterson

Forgiveness makes the deepest hurt a welcomed challenge and the greatest disappointment an opportunity to love.