Proverbs 24:26

An honest answer
    is like a kiss on the lips. – Proverbs 24:26

Dear Lord Jesus,

Rescue me from saying things that are not true just to get along in a conversation.  Help me to be honest, gentle, loving and encouraging, all at the same time.  Cleanse my mouth of flattery meant to gain something instead of to bless the one to whom I speak.  Make me a pure well of words that feeds and nourishes those who hear my voice.  You never wasted one word and I find great comfort in that, because I know you lived your life for me.  But now help me not waste any breath on wordy junk food since I live for your glory. 


Pastor Don Patterson

Every word we speak is a seed that will germinate on its own after we plant it.  So be careful to plant wheat rather than weeds.