Proverbs 21:21

Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor. - Proverbs 21:21

Dear Jesus,

Every day the world tempts me to pursue happiness in its smorgasbord of self indulgent niceties. The truth is; I often fall for it too.  It seems that in the world the "good life" is always just over the next hill.  But with you I am free to pursue grace that gives me the peace of knowing I am right with your Father and love that is immediately and fully mine.  When I pursue love the anxiety about what I don't have or cannot seem to get seems to disappear in a cloud of "love dust."  Make me a giver like you and not a taker by transforming my heart with your grace. righteousness and peace. 


Pastor Don Patterson

For Jesus changing who we are is as big a gift as changing where we end up.