Ruth 4:1-10

Ruth 4_1-10 Summarized.jpg

Now Boaz went to the town gate where everyone did their official business. He found the nearest kinsman redeemer for Naomi and he told him it was his duty to redeem her property and take her daughter in law Ruth as his wife to preserve Naomi's husband Elimelek's name and inheritance. The nearest kinsman redeemer did not want to do that so he let Boaz who was next in line, redeem Naomi's land and marry Ruth. - Ruth 4:1-10 Summarized

Dear Lord,

Naomi and Ruth's fate depended entirely on Boaz's follow through. Boaz was good on his word. He followed through and bought Naomi's land and married Ruth. He changed their circumstances from destitute to destiny. Thank you for sending other people to follow through and "redeem" me so my life will be blessed and my family can be rescued from destitution. Make me a Boaz for others, too, so their lives are better because of mine. Give me a kinsman redeemer's heart.


Pastor Don Patterson

Success often depends on the persistance of others.