Thanksgiving Prayer


Dear heavenly Father, as we look over the table today and see all the wonderful food that you so graciously have provided for us, we are moved with gratitude and awe.  Who are we that we should be so blessed to have so much prosperity and to live in such a peaceful country with so many people who look out for us?  We know that we did not earn it.  It all comes from your enormous heart of love.

Today we thank you for all the people who work hard in our land to preserve peace and prosperity for us.  We think of the police departments that have staff around the clock in every corner of our nation.  We think of the fire fighters and paramedics who stand ready to rescue us and our property from disaster.  We think of doctors and other medical professionals who study hard and work even harder to help us overcome life threatening illnesses.  All these people are a gift from you.

We also thank you for our church that faithfully holds out to us your words and teaches us your heart.  We thank you for baptism that gives us a clear identity as your child, for the Lord’s Supper that reunites us with you and each other each time we take it and for the Bible that speaks to us from your mind and heart.

Thank you for all the blessings you give us, especially our salvation that cost you and your Son everything.  We dedicate our lives to serving you and each other in honor of your amazing grace.

We ask you to bless this food to the nourishment of our bodies.  And bless our hearts with true faith and appreciation for all that you give us.