Matthew 5:3

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Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. – Matthew 5:3

Dear Jesus,

So much of what you said is counter-intuitive for me.  I do not think that being poor in spirit means that I am on the fast track to glory.  To be sad and admit I have failed makes me think I am one step closer to ruin.  But it’s not true.  Admitting I have a problem is 51% of the solution.  So, when your Holy Spirit speaks through someone to point out my faults and lead me to repentance, I need your help seeing it as a light out of the darkness.  I want to be a realist about myself and to courageously let myself grieve over sin and failings.  But I also need your redemptive hand to pick me up, dust me off and put me back on the road of life.  Open my heart to your truth but heal me and sew me back up again.


Pastor Don Patterson

It’s important to be honest with ourselves as long as we are forgiving at the same time.