Walking by Faith

Today, in the bible study time with the kids at a camp at church, a little bright green-eyed boy interrupted me while I was presenting the fall into sin and the promise of a savior. He was very innocent and he wasn’t trying to challenge me, but he said, “Hey, wait a minute, how do we know all of this is true?”

It really got me to thinking. How do I properly answer that? So, I said, “That’s a very good question!” and bought myself 30 seconds.

There are a few rather objective reasons and a few subjective reasons. I explained that the bible has prophecies that were written long before Jesus came and they came true during Jesus’ life and no other book of faith has that. And then I told him that the bible and it’s message of love has changed many lives from hate to love. I have not found, in my lifetime, anything else that works like the bible to change lives to give me hope and peace when I face the biggest challenges in life that I have.

If something is miraculous, that doesn’t mean it’s not true. There are miracles. Just because I cannot understand how they happened doesn’t mean that they didn’t happen.