Delicate China

She’s the only woman working at M.E. Gene Johnson garage. She works as the business manager in a little office. She came down into that man’s world while I was waiting. She had her beautiful china coffee cup in her hand. Everything else is styrofoam and disposable and rough and tumble. She brings a woman's touch. I asked about her cup and she said that she’s so glad that she hasn’t broken it yet. At Christmas, she plans to change to a holiday mug.

This shows a big difference between men and women. Even God talks about it in 1 Peter 3:7. He tells men to dwell with their wives with understanding as with a weaker vessel. A woman is a delicate china coffee cup and men often make a huge mistake when he treats her like a styrofoam cup. God watches this and it breaks his heart and he will not bless a man in his marriage if he treats the fine china like styrofoam.

Thankfully, God loves the man and tells him that he will guide him with love and grace to learn how to treat this beautiful delicate person that he’s put in his life.

Husbands, how are you treating your wives like delicate china? How could you be better? Wives, what is something your husband does that eximplifies God's wishes in 1 Peter 3:7?